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De-Coiler and Un-Coiler

Hydraulic decoiler & uncoiler offered by us are designed to provide a perfect curve to the metal. Its automatic and precision controlled operations ensure precise forming of sheet metal into panels of different shapes and sizes. We have both hydraulic decoiler and electric uncoiler for your selection.

1. Our decoiler meets the roll forming requirements of sheet metal into desired panel shape.
2. It also effectively meets the crimping requirements to provide curvature for the formed panels.
3. Automatic digital control system is adopted for crimping operations.

Technical specification of decoiler & uncoiler
Single head to put the coil hydraulic flow over device

Spec of coil D508 × 1300 (mm)
Flow over range D460 to D520 (mm)
Oil pump D160 × 90 (mm)
Drive By hydraulic or electric
Carrying capacity 5T, 10T, 20T
Power of cycloid motor 4KW

(1) 5 Ton electrical decoiler

1. Power 5.5Kw
2. Width of feeding 1300 × Φ508 (mm)
3. Capability 5 Ton
4. Range of tension Φ460 toΦ550 (mm)
5. Mode of expand & fight Inner expand & fight by electrical
6. Way of feeding Electric
(2) 5 Ton hydraulic decoiler
1. Main motor power 4Kw
2. Material of shaft GCr 45 steel
3. Transmission drive 1.2 inch chains
4. Diameter of shaft 130mm
5. Power of hydraulic motor 3Kw
6. Journey of the oil-container 120mm
7. Pressure 10Mpa
8. Inner diameter 480 to 530 (mm)
9. Max. diameter 1400mm
10. Capability 5 tons    
(3) 10 Ton hydraulic decoiler
1. Main motor power 5.5Kw
2. Material of shaft GCr 45 steel
3. Transmission drive 1.2 inch chains
4. Diameter of shaft 130mm
5. Power of hydraulic motor 3Kw
6. Type of hydraulic pump CB-E310
7. Journey of the oil-container 120mm
8. Pressure 10Mpa
9. Inner diameter 480 to 530 (mm)
10. Max. diameter 1400mm
11. Capability 10 tons
(4) 20 Ton hydraulic decoiler
1. Carrying capacity 20 Tons
2. Width of feeding 1300mm
3. Power of feeding 4Kw
4. Method for tensioning Hydraulic tensioning
5. Power 5Kw
Note: Feeding width can be customized according to buyer’s request.

SUZHOU MANFENGXIANG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is engaged in supplying different steel processing equipments, including tube mills, roll forming machines, etc. Besides tube mills and roll forming machines, other machines manufactured by us, including electric or hydraulic decoiler, stacker, hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, CNC hydraulic press brake, and other machines also feature high accuracy, easy operation, convenient maintenance and high efficiency. Our tube mills, uncoilers, roll forming machines and other products have been passed CE certification and sold to more than 50 countries and regions, including Russia, France, England, Australia, America, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Romania and Albania. Manfengxiang is always ready to provide the best solution for your production requirements.

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