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Thick Board Slitting Machine

Thick board slitting machine is a member of slitting line used for cutting metal material into different width. Thick steel coil slitting line is mainly composed of uncoiler, feeder, slitter and recoiler, and it is mainly applied for cutting different types of thick steel materials, such as steel coil, carbon steel, galvanized steel and pre-painted steel plates or sheets (Note: Different profile has different thickness range, but all thickness range should be within 2mm to 12mm.).

1. This steel plate slitting machine is suitable for slitting coil sheet or plate with thickness range from 2mm to 12mm.
2. This coil sheet slitter also features high slitting precision, and the slitting width error range is no more than 0.03mm.
3. Slitting speed is adjustable according to production demands.
4. Slitting line for producing different profiles can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Flow chart for thick steel coil slitting line

Hydraulic coil car→double tapered de-coiler→head-guiding head shovel and pairs of rolls feeding→head shearing→deviation rectifying→slitting→side waste recoiled→bridge→pre-separator and tensioning machine→recoiled→unloading coil car→hydraulic control→electrical control

Specification of thick steel coil slitting line

Material using this coil sheet slitter

Raw material Steel coil grade: common carbon steel, galvanized steel or pre-painted steel
Coil thickness 2mm to 12mm
Coil diameter ≤ ф2000mm
Coil width 600mm to 2000mm
Coil inner diameter ф508, ф610, φ760 (mm)
Coil weight for thick board slitting machine ≤ 35T

Parameter of thick steel coil slitting line
Specification of Coil feeding rolls ф210mm × 2000mm (2 rolls feeding and 5 rolls leveling)
Material of pinch rolls down rolls 40Cr heat treatment, HR55-56
Liner speed of this coil sheet slitter 12m/min
Specification of slitting shaft ф300mm × 2000mm
Material of shaft thick board slitting machine 40Cr hardened chrome
Round disc blade D500 × d300 × T25 (mm)
Material of blades 6CrW2Si, HRC56-57 degrees
Slitting transmission AC 160kw cycloidal gear decelerator with joint coupling driven
Slitting speed of coil sheet slitter 0 to 30m/min adjustable
Slitting width accuracy ± 0.03mm
Slitting piece specification 5mm to 7mm 10pcs, 8mm to10mm 6pcs, 1mm to 12mm 4pcs
Pre-separator shaft DIA ф210mm × 2000mm
Leveling rolls material 40Cr
Power of recoiling 200KW DC motor
4recoiling speed 0 to 30m/min adjustable
Recoiling controller Euroasia controller 590
Recoiling capacity of the coil sheet slitter ≤ 35T

Hydraulic control of thick steel coil slitting line
Power 11kw-4
Pressure 16Mpa
Electrical operation cabinet 1set

PLC control of thick steel coil slitting line
Total power of thick board slitting machine 440KW

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