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Thick Board Cut-To-Length Machine

Cut-to-length machine is used to cut the metal plate by de-coiling, leveling, sizing and shearing into the desired length. The finished products are needed to be stacked. This cut-to-length machine (CTL Line) is suitable for common carbon steel with coil thickness within 6 to 25mm and cutting speed range of 0 to 40m/min.

Components of 6mm-25mm × 25000mm Cut-to-Length Machine
Cut-to-length machine is composed of V-shaped coil platform, hydraulic coil car, hydraulic (tapered form) de-coiler, hydraulic guiding and pressing and shovel head unit, pin rolls feeding and first leveling unit, guiding organ, leveling machine, encoding length organ, hydraulic shearing machine, pin rolls organ, hydraulic system and electrical cabinet control system and 6m auto-stacker table.

Flow chart of Cut-to-length Machine

Hydraulic Coil Car → Double Tapered De-Coiler Machine → Pressing and Guiding → Pinch Rolls Feeding and First Leveling → Guiding--Second-Time Leveling → Encoding Length Set → Hydraulic Cutting → Pinch Rolls Feeding → Stacker System

Parameters of Cut-to-Length Machine

Steel Coil Grade common carbon steel, (Q195 and Q235, Q345)
Coil Thickness 6--25mm
Feature of Steel Coil δΣs350--550N/mm2
CTL Line Machine Coil Width 900mm--2500mm
Coil Outer Diameter ф1200--ф2200mm
Coil Width 900mm--2500mm
Coil Inner Diameter ф508, ф610, φ800
Sheet Coil Cut to Length Line Cutting length 1000mm--12000mm
CTL Line Machine Coil weight ≤40T
Cutting Length Tolerance +/-1mm
Cutting Diagonal Tolerance +/-1.5mm
Sheet Coil Cut to Length Line Speed 0--40m/min
Cutting Speed 3pcs of sheet per minute according 6m long

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