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Step Beam Forming Machine

1. These cross beams connect the vertical upright of shelving assemblies.
2. High productivity is a basic feature of Manfengxiang beam roll forming line.
3. This logistic beam and crossbeam roll forming machine allows a quick modification of cross beam dimensions.
4. The ends of the cross beam can be attached to the uprights by means of a hook arrangement.

Working flow
De-coil→Guiding system→Leveling→Punching→Roll forming→Cut to length→Output the finished products

Technical Parameter of Logistic Beam and Crossbeam Roll Forming Machine

1. Main power 26KW
2. Number of roller stands 22
3. Drive Gearbox
4. Diameter of shaft ¢80mm
5. Thickness of formed steel 1.5mm to 1.8mm
6. Formed material G250Mpa galvanized steel sheet, cold rolled steel
7. Material of the roller Cr15.quenched HRC58-62
8. Material of shaft 45Cr
9. Way of cutting Flying shear
10. Flying shear power 5.5KW

1. The cross beams can be made up in two ways:
1) using two roll formed profiles which are mechanically fixed and locked to one another
2) using a single strip, roll formed to a closed section, with a folded seam or welded, where the two sides joint
2. The hook connections are fixed to the cross beam ends in two ways:
1) by welding
2) by bolts (thus the beam is punched during production)

SUZHOU MANFENGXIANG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a professional supplier of roll forming equipment, slitting line, cut-to-length line machine, pipe-making machines and related metal sheet processing equipment in China. Our products are mainly used in the construction, automobile manufacturing, machine manufacturing, electronics and many other areas. Logistic beam and crossbeam roll forming machines from Manfengxiang have been sold to the United States, South Africa, Portugal, Indonesia and other countries.

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