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Octagonal Steel Tube (Pipe) Roll Forming Machine

Octagonal tube roll forming machine is widely used to shape steel sheets into tubes or pipes. Details are as follows:
1. It is easy to operate.
2. Rolling thickness is 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm.
3. Material width is 142 mm.
4. This steel pipe production line has 21 roller stations, including vertical rollers and horizontal rollers.
5. Its rolling speeds reaches up to 10 m/min (without taking cutting time into consideration).
6. The octagonal tube roll forming machine is controlled by PLC system.
7. Cutting system adopts pneumatic flying saw cutter.
8. Tolerance is 3 m ± 1.5 mm.
9. Machines in yellow or blue are optional.
10. The servo motor power is 4 KW, and the main motor power is 7.5 KW.

Parameters of Octagonal Tube Roll Forming Machine

 1  Model MFX16-16
 2 Material Width Material Width
 3 Raw Material Galvanized Steel Coil
 4 Rolling Speed 0-10 m/min (Not include Cutting Time)
 5 Rolling Thickness 0.4-0.8 mm
 6 Control System PLC (Panasonic) as List in the Note
 7 Un Coiler 1.5 Ton Manual De-coiler
 8 Feeding System Step-by-Step Feeding Servo Feeding
 9 Servo Motor Power 4 KW
 10 Punching System 25 Ton Punching Machine
 11 Roller Stations 21 Stations Level Rollers and a Series of Standing Rollers
 12 Roller Material 45# Steel Coated with Chrome
 13 Shaft Material and DIA Diameter 76 mm, 45# Forge Steel, Hardening and Tempering
 14 Main Motor Power 7.5 KW
 15 Cutting System Flying Saw Cutter (Pneumatic)
 16 Type of the Stations Guide Pillar Memorial Archway
 17 Tolerance 3 m ± 1.5 mm
 18 Electric Source 380 V, 50 HZ, 3 Phase, Satisfy Customer’s Require
 19 Way of Drive 1.2 Inch Single Chain
 20 Color of the Machine Yellow and Blue

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