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C/Z Purlin Quick Interchangeable Roll Forming Machine

This kind of machine can produce C & Z two profiles purlin without changing forming roller. C/Z purlin roll former is mainly made up of decoiler, feeding, leveling, 2 sets hydraulic punching device, hydraulic cutting, speediness interchangeable forming machine, PLC control system, hydraulic stations, and runout tables.

Features of Quick Interchangeable C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine
1. This C / Z purlin roll forming machine can produce differenct C/Z purlins through simple manual stepless adjustment.
2. When the machine manufactures different profile, it does not need to change the forming rollers. By adjusting up and down position of the roller, it can easily achieve conversion of C and Z purlin mould.
3. The width of C or Z purlins can be changed precisely by adjusting horizontal distance of the roller.
4. This machine adopts PLC automatic control system. In the roll forming process, it can punch, cut, and rollform automatically based on inputting length of purlin, portrait hole distance, quantity, and other production data.

Technical Specification of Quick Interchangeable C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Thickness 1.5mm to 3.0mm
Speed 15m/min
Roll station 18 stations (7 stations for straighten)
Main power 18.5KW
Hydraulic power 5.5KW
Control system PLC Panasonic
Drive By gearbox and shaft for each station or by chain
Automaticity Semi-automatic / full automatic

Profile of e C & Z Purlin

Flow Chart of Quick Interchangeable C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Pictures of Quick Interchangeable C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

  • Side View of the Machine
  • Front View of the Machine
  • Leveling & Punching Portion

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