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  • Precision High Frequency Welding Steel Tube Mills
  • Precision High Frequency Welding Steel Tube MillsERW pipe mills are complete equipment for making welding steel pipes with the outside diameter from 7.5 mm to 720 mm and wall thickness 0.3 mm to 45 mm. ERW pipe making machine is suitable for all kinds of round pipe, square pipe and rectangular pipe.ERW pipe mills are widely used in metallurgy, construction, piping, oil and drilling, paper mill...
  • Precision High Frequency Welded Tube Making Machines
  • Precision High Frequency Welded Tube Making MachinesSteel tube making machine is the main equipment for the welded tube production line. Pipe diameter of the finished products is 7.5 mm to 720 mm and wall thickness is 0.3 mm to 45 mm. Production line for welding tube is composed of uncoiler, leveling machine, butt welder, loop, straightening machine, high frequency equipment, etc. Its operating process is that after...
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Making MachineStainless steel tube making machine is complete equipment for welding steel pipes. It is also named as stainless steel pipe welding mill or stainless steel pipe production line. According to different material property, industrial stainless steel, titanium steel welded pipe mill are characterized by low speed, high precision requirements...
  • Vertical/Horizontal High Speed Cold Cutting Saws
  • Vertical/Horizontal High Speed Cold Cutting SawsSteel pipe cutting saw is essential part of ERW pipe mill to obtain a high precision cutting with fixed dimension while material is moving at high speed. Pipe flying saw can handle various tubes including circular, square, rectangular, oval, etc. Flying cutoff saw is well suited for low carbon and stainless steel.1. Steel pipe cutting saw is totally numerically controlled...

Pipe Making Machines

Pipe making machine (also named welded pipe mill) is used for manufacturing carbon, stainless or titanium steel pipes under mass production. It is able to make different types of tubes including round, square, flat square or shaped pipes. The main production process includes flatting, forming, welding, annealing, polishing, sizing, straightening, finishing, cutting, milling and tube unloading. It can be done at one time.

1. Pipe making machine adopts humanized design to achieve high accuracy and rigidity.
2. Welded pipe mill is characteristic of safe and easy operation, labor saving, cost reduction and high efficiency.

Pipe making machine is mainly used for manufacturing electric heating tubes, refrigerator pipes, automobile frame pipes, fitness equipment pipes, furniture tubes, pipes for cooler, API pipes, pressure transmission pipes, architectural pipes, structural pipes, etc.

Pipe making machine provided by our company includes precision high frequency welding (welded, ERW) steel tube (pipe) mills, precision high frequency welding (welded, ERW) steel pipe (tube)-making machines and the series of vertical/horizontal high speed cold cutting saws.

Craft Flow of Pipe Making Machine
Uncoiling → shearing and butt welding → material accumulating → flattening → forming system → high frequency induction welding machine → inside and outside burr removing frame → water cooling system → sizing system → leveling system → speed testing → Turkish frame → saw cutting → running out table

SUZHOU MANFENGXIANG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is dedicated in manufacturing different steel bending and forming equipments, including pipe making machines, roll forming machines, etc. As specialist welded pipe mill manufacturer in China, we produce a complete series of machinery products which are widely utilized in construction industry, especially for factory building, warehouse facilities, store facilities, etc.