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Storage Uprights Rack Roll Forming Machine

Storage uprights rack roll forming machines are specialized in producing various racks which are for supporting and bearing goods and merchandise in the stores or in the warehouses. During production of this panel rollforming machinery, track cutting technology is adopted to ensure quality gear box transmission, rigid machine body and high working strength. Besides, material feeding is done by servo controlling; hence, punching process is complex while precise.

Technical Parameters of Storage Uprights Rack Roll Forming Machine

Motorized De-coiler ≤ 3 T
Leveling Machine 5.5 KW, Frequency-Conversion Motor, Adjustable Speed
Servo Motor Feeder Yakama Servo Motor
Punching Press 125 Tons Capacity, Made in China
Punching Mould Cr12 Mov
Main Forming Machine Unit Cast Iron Stands, 16 Forming Stations, Rolled Thickness: 1.5 - 2.5 mm,  Power: 15 KW
Hydraulic Cutting of Storage Uprights Forming Machine Cutting Blade Material Cr12
Roller Material Material GCr15, HCR58-62

Technical Data of 3in 1 NC Servo Feeder, Straightener and De-coiler

Coil Weight: 1000 kg
Strip Width: 300 mm
Thickness 1.5-2.5 mm
Storage Uprights Forming Machine Coil O. D 1200 mm
Coil I.D: 508 mm
Feeding Length Input 9999.99 mm
Feed Speed 15 m/min
Feed Accuracy 0.15 mm
Storage Uprights Forming Machine Electrics 380 Volts 50 HZ, Depend on Buyer’s Requirement
Working Direction Depend on Buyer’s Requirement.

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