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K (Big) - Span Curved Roll Forming Machine

Description of K Span Roll Forming Machine
The complete K span roll forming line includes main roll forming machine, curving machine and auto seaming machine. K-span curved roll forming machine is used to produce metal arch roof for arch-shaped building. The finished K span arch roof has been widely used in modern steel buildings, large factories and warehouses, etc.

1. Large span roll forming machines have been debugged with little noise to realize high performance in operation.
2. Our K span roll forming machine adopts hydraulic drive transmission, which is easy to realize stepless speed change.
3. The hydraulic parts and electronic parts are all the best quality in China and some of the accessories applied are imported from world famous company, ensuring the reliability of the whole machine.
4. The roller can realized non-clearance transmission under pressure, which ensures stable performance of the equipment.
5. The roller of the K span roll forming machine is manufactured with high quality steel, and then processed by thermal refining, finish machining and high frequency surface hardening to ensure its great hardness and longer lifespan.
6. All the gears in traditional system have been critically processed and the link chains have been through high frequency quenching heat treatment. The good quality of the dynamic transmission part will keep the K span roll forming machine working stably for a long time without an interval even under high strength work condition
7. The cutting board and body of the plate share are all made of high quality steel. The steel has been hardened and grinded as well as processed with rust prevention. All these can keep the cutting machine high working efficiency and long lifespan.
8. The gather part of plate bender and lateral corrugated shape structure ensure the accuracy of arch roof shaping.

Pictures of K Span Roll Forming Machine

  • Bending Machine
  • Seaming Machine

Parameters of Subclass Products
1. MFX 610 K Span Roll Forming Machine

Model MFX 610 K (Big) Span Curved Roll Forming Machine
1. Raw Material 914mm (Effective Width: 610mm)
2. Thickness 0.8mm to 1.2mm
3. Working Speed 12m/min to 15m/min (Not Contain Cutting)
4. Roll Station 17 Stations
5. Material of Roller 45#Forge Steel, Polished and Coated with Chrome
6. Material of Main Shaft 45Forge Steel Ф80mm
7. Main Power 7.5Kw
8. Hydraulic Station Power 4Kw
9. Hydraulic Pressure 12Mpa
10. Control System PLC, Panasonic
11. Material of Cutting SKD11
12. Way of Drive By Single Row of Chain: 1.5inch

2. MFX 303 K Span Roll Forming Machine
Model MFX 303 K (Big) Span Curved Roll Forming Machine
1. Raw Material (Mm) 618 mm, Effective Width: 303 mm
2. Thickness 0.8mm to 1.2 mm
3. Working Speed 10m/min to 15 m/min (Not Contain Cutting)
4. Roll Station 14 Stations
5. Main Power 5.5Kw
6. Bunding Machine Power 4Kw
7. Hydraulic Station Power 2.2Kw
8. Control System PLC, Panasonic
9. Way of Drive By Single Row of Chain: 1.5inch

Note: For more information about K span roll forming machines, please refer to following PDF files, or contact us. Your inquiry is welcomed.

Operation and Maintenance
1. K span roll forming machines, totally controlled by PLC, are fairly easy to operate. They can work automatically only through inputting the related production data, such as product number, length, punching size, etc.
2. If users need to adjust this roll forming machine or production data, they must firstly stop the machine before carrying out relevant operations.
3. Regular lubrication for chain wheel, bearing and speed reducer of large span curving forming machines should be conducted carefully. In addition, the forming rollers should be kept clean.

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