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Guard Track Rail (Roll) Forming Machine Line

1. Carbon steel or galvanize steel sheet with 1mm to 2.5mm thickness can be used as raw material.
2. It is used to manufacture guard track rail with different specifications according to customer’s drawings.
3. The profile of guard track rail can be changed by changing cutting blade and adjusting the ring of the machine.

Parameter of Guard Track Rail (Roll) Forming Machine Line
1. De-coiler
(1) Single unrolling machine, one side can put material
(2) Adopt motorized type
(3) Coil weight (Max): 2000kg
(4) Coil diameter (Max): 1300mm
(5) Coil Width (Max.): 300mm
(6) Power: 3KW

2. Leveling machine
(1) Feeding the sheet to the guide roller (it is adjustable by right and left).
(2) Feeding roller: diameter is ¢160mm, material is 40CR steel, HRC48-52.
(3) Leveling roller: upper is 3 rollers, down is 4 stations (total is 7 stations), material is 40CR steel, HRC48-52.
(4) Diameter of leveling roller: 80mm
(5) Leveling power: 4KW

3. Servo feeder
(1) Function: Feeding
(2) Structural features:
Servo motor drive
Multi-stage feed (Enter 10 sets of feed length)
LCD touch display (easy to change and set the technical parameters)
Automatic sensing system
Press start link page (control press start)
(3) Power: 4KW

4. Punching machine
(1) Using punching machine for getting high speed
(2) Working pressure: 63T
(3) Working speed: 60 times/min
(4) Punching mould material: Cr12 HRC55°to 58°

5. Roll forming machine
(1) Main motor power: 18.5kw
(2) Station: adopt cast iron HT50
(3) Decelerating motor: BWD14-43-18.5KW, made in Shanghai or Changzhou
(4) Drive: by gear
(5) Main shaft diameter: ¢65mm, material: 45﹟forge steel
(6) Roller material: GCR15 quenched 58°to 62°, chromed
(7) Roll station: 18stations
(8) Roller thickness: 2mm to 3.5mm
(9) Timing by transducer: 5m/min to 8m/min (including punching)
(10) Transducer: Panasonic made in Japan. 380V 50HZ
(11) Computer: PLC, Panasonic
(12) Equipment structure: cast iron station
(13) Computer operating panel: touching screen

6. Cutting machine
(1) Hydraulic cutting
(2) Knife material: Cr12, quenched under 58°to 62°
(3) Oil cylinder diameter: 150mm
(4) Working pressure: 30mpa
(5) Working journey: 80mm
(6) Machine includes 4 sets of cutting blades

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