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Precision High Frequency Welding Steel Tube Mills

ERW pipe mills are complete equipment for making welding steel pipes with the outside diameter from 7.5 mm to 720 mm and wall thickness 0.3 mm to 45 mm. ERW pipe making machine is suitable for all kinds of round pipe, square pipe and rectangular pipe.

ERW pipe mills are widely used in metallurgy, construction, piping, oil and drilling, paper mill, TMT plant, transportation, machinery and vehicle industries. It is mainly used for manufacturing electric heating tubes, refrigerator pipes, automobile frame pipes, fitness equipment pipes, furniture tubes, pipes for cooler, API pipes, pressure transmission pipes, architectural pipes, structural pipes, etc.

Complete line of ERW pipe mills includes double side uncoiler, horizontal accumulator, main machine (includes forming machine, roller system of forming, seam guide, high frequency induction welding machine, roller system for moving, burr removing frame, water cooling system, sizing machine, roller system of leveling, speed testing wheel and Turkish frame), auto flying saw, electric control equipment and high frequency welding machine.

Production Technique Drawing

Detailed production process of ERW Pipe Mills is as follows:
Raw material (strip steel roll) → Material feeding → Cut and butt welding (hand welding) → Material storehouse → Material feeding and molding → High frequency welding → Removing outer burr → Cooling water → Fix and correct diameter → Cut with computerized saw → Pipe falling down → Checking → Put in storehouse

Parameters of ERW Pipe Making Machine

Equipment Type Outside Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Production Rate (m/min)
MFX16 7.5-16 0.3-1.0 0-100
MFX20 10-25 0.3-1.5 0-100
MFX32 13-38 0.6-1.8 0-100
MFX45 16-50 0.7-2.0 0-90
MFX50 20-63.5 0.8-3.0 0-80
MFX60 25-76 1.0-3.2 0-80
MFX76 32-89 1.2-3.75 0-80
MFX89 35-100 1.2-4.5 0-70
MFX125 50-130 2.0-5.0 0-60
MFX165 76-165 2.0-6.0 0-50
MFX219 89-219 3.0-8.0 0-50
MFX273 100-273 4.0-12.0 0-45
MFX325 89-325 3.0-12.7 0-40
MFX406 114-406 4.0-16.0 0-40
MFX508 219-508 4.0-19.1 0-40
MFX610 219-610 4.0-19.1 0-40
MFX660 219-660 4.0-22.0 0-40
MFX720 219-720 4.0-45.0 0-40

Flow Chart of ERW Pipe Mills

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