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Downspout Pipe (Tube) Roll Forming Machine

Downspout roll forming machine mainly consists of decoiler, roll forming system, cutting equipment, protective guard, hydraulic system, control system and product supporter. It’s a kind of cold roll forming machine, and it is used to make specific section profiles by constantly and laterally forming metal plate. This roll forming machine can be used to produce open seam tubing, lock seam pipe, seamed tube, seamless tube, telescopic tubing, etc. The pipe shape can be round, rectangle, oval or irregular.
Curving pipe forming machine (elbow roll forming machine) is the complementary equipment for down pipe forming machine. It can make curve for down pipe to meet the requirement of practical engineering projects. This kind of machine mainly consists of decoiler, roll forming system, cutting equipment, hydraulic system, plc control system and run out table.

Features of Downspout Roll Forming Machine
1. The structure base of the main roll forming machine is H beam base with steel plate welded stand, which is high reliability and good performance.
2. All the components of machine are from brand-famous enterprises, so smooth performance of the machine is effectively ensured.
3. We adopt the automatic length-fixed forming and in line cutting to guarantee the length to be precise and the finished product clear without deforming.
4. Forming speed can reach up to 12m/min.
5. The tube profile can be custom made according to request.

Flow chart of Downspout Roll Forming Machine
De-coiling→ Coil sheet guiding feeding → Roll forming → Cut to length → Product packing (manual)

Parameter of Downspout Roll Forming Machine

Suitable raw material 0.3mm to 1.0mm colored steel sheet or aluminum sheet
Main motor power 5.5Kw
Forming speed 10m/min to 12m/min
Number of roller 19 stands
Dimension of the machine 6000mm × 800mm × 1200mm
Cut-to-length tolerance ≤ ±2mm
Shafts diameter Ф70mm
Control system PLC control

Parameters of Down Pipe Elbow Forming Machine
Control system Strong electrical current
Main motor power 2.2kw
Bend angle ≤90°
Dimension of the machine 1300 mm × 650 mm × 1500 mm

Application of finished downspout

As specialist tube mills and roll forming machine manufacturer in China, we produce a complete series of machinery products which are widely utilized in construction industry, especially for factory building, warehouse facilities, store facilities, etc. Besides tube mills and roll forming machines, other machines including uncoiler, stacker, hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, CNC hydraulic press brake, etc. are also manufactured by us. All our pipe, tube, and downspout roll forming machines and elbow roll forming machines have advantages of high accuracy, easy operation, convenient maintenance and high efficiency. Welcome to visit our company, see first class fabrication facilities and discuss your needs face to face.

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