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Automatic Stacker

Working together with roll forming machine, the automatic stacker in roll forming line is used to stack steel plates, panels and sheets. According to the output direction of metal plates, the automatic stacking machine can be divided into length ways stacker and transversal stacker. According to maximum stacking length, the automatic stacker can be classified into 6m stacker and 12m stacker.

Function of Automatic Stacker
The automatic stacker in roll forming line improves overall production efficiency by allowing components to be moved from the end of the production line onto a well organized stack automatically, quickly and efficiently without disrupting or delaying the overall production.

1. Improved operator safety
2. Higher productivity
3. Lower employee costs
4. Reduced scrap
5. Reduced floor space
6. Higher uptime
7. Square and balanced packs

Parameters of Automatic Stacker in Roll Forming Line

1. Motor power 0.75KW
2. Max. speed 36m/min
3. Max. stacking length 12m/6m
4. Max. stacking thickness 300mm
5. Max. stacking weight 2 tons
6. Frequency unit Korea LG
7. Computer PLC Modles7-200 from Simens
8. Computer operation screen TD200 from Simens
Note: We can also design automatic stacker for roll forming line according to your requirement.

Working Process
Transmitting→rolls output→rolls moving→sheet entry→sheet landing→output

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